Second Spring

Second Spring

Artist’s ideology for Second Spring

The present series of works by Ganapati unveil a delightful world of thick forests in a personally accentuated style. Inspired by the natural environment that bursts forth with colour, creatures and lush vegetation, the artist creates a world of his own that evolves from a highly creative imagination and allegorical ideologies.

There is an underlying story that enlivens and empowers each work. Clusters of iridescently hued vegetation camouflage a plethora of living creatures that take new form in their painted abode. The artist attempts to convey the message of oneness, the symbiosis between all forms of nature, in a holistic manner through his work. The intricate, deep and indispensable connection of different forms of life, their dependence on each other for survival is seamless.

With an obvious affinity for his subject, Ganapati weaves natural elements together into ecstatic collages. Never disturbing or diverting their innate strength and charm, he arranges these natural excerpts into artistic compositions.

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About The Artist

Born and brought up in Kumta (Coastal Karnataka), Ganapati’s love for fine arts was influenced and instilled in him very early on by his maternal grandfather, himself an artist. As a child he did plenty of drawings and paintings. Realising his creative potential, his parents supported him whole-heartedly in his art-centric journey.

He has won many awards, including the 52nd National Award from Lalit Kala Academy and the Camlin National Award from Camlin Art Foundation. He has a Diploma in Art from the Ken School of Art, a Bachelor of Art from Karnataka University and Master in Fine Arts (External) from Bengaluru Open University.

He is also a designer by profession and enjoyed a lucrative career, up until last year when he gave it up and choose to concentrate solely on his art and passion. Ganapati lives and works in Bangalore.

  • Artist: Ganapati Hegde
  • Exhibition dates: 15-Feb-2019 to 28-Feb-2019
  • Venue: gallery g
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